My name is James Farrar and I set this blog up to help me to distill my own thoughts on sustainability and also engage in dialogue via social media. Hopefully can help me to concentrate my own learning and more importanty learn from others via the wisdom of crowds.

Currently my day job is Vice President Sustainability at SAP and I am based in Germany. As a matter of disclosure the opinions here are entirely my own and not those of my employer.

In previous lives I have worked at British Airways on the CSR topic before moving over to Amnesty International Business Group and later Global Witness for the civil society perspective of CSR.

I’m originally from Ireland but have spent the last years in the US, UK and now Germany. 

I hope you enjoy this blog, leave comments and visit often. Feel free to email me at  jamesfarrar.1@gmail.com. Please also visit my blog on ZDNET and follow me on twitter.


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